Cybersecurity Services

Real-World Threat Protection

Today’s threat landscape requires organizations to stay ahead of malicious attackers. However, it can be difficult to know where to start and where the best value can be added.

Our world-class security engineers and ethical hackers simulate real-world vulnerability identification with attack simulations and scenarios, resulting in security risk identification, remediation recommendations, and a fully tailored risk reduction roadmap. The Identity And Access Solutions Security Services team will demonstrate the effectiveness of your controls, and will roadmap where to best spend your time, manpower and financial resources, bringing clarity to your security infrastructure.


Know Your Adversary

Identify and prioritize actual security risk by simulating malicious attacks and measure control effectiveness.

Keep Your Profits

Reduce costly breaches, security 

incidents and service interruptions.  

Understand the Details

Understand risk and remediations by custom tailored highly detailed reporting and expert debriefs.

Meet Regulatory & Compliance Requirements

Prevent hefty fines and additional probatory periods that may occur due to breaches.

Expertise On Your Side

Obtain access to security experts at just the right time without the need for costly salary overhead.

Preserve Your Image

Reduce the risk to your company’s brand and image from negative publicity due to a publicly disclosed security breach.

Our Solutions

Network Penetration & Web Application Testing

Vulnerability Scanning:

Inspection of the potential points of exploit on a computer or network to identify security holes

Penetration Testing including:

External ­– emulating an attacker trying to break in from the outside

Internal – emulating an attacker on the inside of your network

Web Application – in-depth penetration testing on both the unauthenticated and authenticated portions of your website

Wireless – comprehensive evaluation of the wireless networks in your organization using automated and/or manual methods

Social Engineering / Physical Assessments – testing designed to target and take advantage of the human-element to gain access to network

Malware – evaluating how systems and processes respond to malware introduced into the network and measured on its ability to execute laterally and vertically

Purple Teaming / SOC Assessment – working with your blue team to improve detection capabilities, our red team performs malicious activity while the blue team attempts to detect the activity helping to fine-tune SIEM and alerting processes

Red Teaming / Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) – emulating a malicious actor actively attacking and attempting to evade detection as an APT or cyber threat.


AD Security Health Checks

We build a holistic Active Directory view to determine critical security issues, maturity ratings, and benchmarking

Compliance-Tailored Testing

Our testing can be mapped against one or more regulations 

including HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, CIS Top 20, GDPR, and SOX

Security Awareness Training

We can train your staff on MFA awareness, phishing awareness, malicious USB awareness, password security awareness and others through online, in-person, and one-on-one training