Break Linearity: An automated, scalable, and democratized approach to application onboarding

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Application Onboarding: Accelerate the onboarding process with IdentityXpress.
  2. Integration Automation: Seamlessly integrate applications with IAM solutions like SailPoint IGA, Okta, CyberArk PAM, and more.
  3. Wizard-Driven Simplification: Streamline the onboarding experience with a user-friendly wizard-driven interface.

IdentityXpress Solution Highlights:

  • Developed by CyberSolve Innovation Labs, IdentityXpress is a wizard-driven, rapid application onboarding system.
  • Empower IAM leaders and application owners to integrate their applications effortlessly.
  • Expedite app integrations, automate code and documentation generation, and simplify program governance.

IdentityXpress: Application Onboarding Dashboards

IdentityXpress: Application Onboarding Self-Service

Simplified Onboarding: IdentityXpress streamlines and expedites the onboarding of apps into IGA systems like SailPoint IdentityIQ and IdentityNow.

Guided Interface: It provides app and system owners with a user-friendly interface to profile app integration data, automatically generating code, configuration, and documentation for the relevant IGA product.

Effortless Integration at Scale: The product offers an easy mechanism for integrating and governing application integration on a large scale.

IdentityXpress: Automatic Application Onboarding to IGA Platforms

Automated Onboarding: IdentityXpress automates the onboarding process for applications to IGA products.

Fully Functional Apps: Onboarded apps are complete with functional features, including connector setup, account aggregation, and the ability to request, approve, and provision access.

Efficient Onboarding Experience: Experience swift onboarding with consistently security-tested code.

Automated Documentation with Version Control: IdentityXpress ensures automated documentation of requirements and configurations, complete with version control for audit and traceability purposes.