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CyberSolve is a dedicated services organization that solves complex Identity & Access Management (IAM) challenges for clients across all vectors in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

About us

Our advisory practice helps you discover and define what needs to be in-place, assist in building reference architecture, and provide a roadmap for you that can be practicably executed.

Founded in 2016 by industry veterans in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Salesforce industries, CyberSolve has unparalleled IAM thought leadership and expertise.

Our Specializations

Identity Governance

Fast track Packaged IGA with IIQ, IDN
Risk & Compliance Controls Setup
Role Based Access Model
Risk Scoring of Access
Access Certification Campaigns
Audit Defence

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Identity Administration

Auth Source Consolidation
JML Automation
Rapid App Onboarding
Manual provisioning Automation
Deprovisioning Automation
IGA Integration with PAM and SSO

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Privileged Access Management

Automation Discovery and Design
MFA and Password-less Authentication
Rapid PAM Deployment
Vaulting and Check-in Check-out
App to App ID Management
Key and Secrets Management
Rapid System Onboarding
Certification of Privileged Access

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Workforce Access Control

Rapid SSO and MFA
Password less Authentication
Standard based App Integration
Custom App Integration with SSO
Zero Trust Design and Pilots

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Consumer IAM

CIAM Strategy and Framework
Large scale directory design
B2B and B2C Federation
Consent based progressive profiling design
Social login integration

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From our experts

  • What are “Shared Web Passwords” and why should I secure them?

    In recent years, many enterprise services accessed over the web integrate some federated login. The Identity Provider (IdP) could be anything from Azure Active Directory, Ping Federate, or even a Google account or LinkedIn account. Sometimes, these features are not offered, or your organization is not large enough to….

  • Utilizing a YubiKey to pass a UAC

    A YubiKey is a small physical device that provides an additional layer of security when logging in to various online accounts or systems. YubiKeys have many layers of security that can be leveraged to secure credentials such as, OTP, FIDO2, FIDO U2F, Cryptography, Biometrics, and Smart Card authentication. The device can connect via USB A and USB C allowing for a wide variety of options based on your needs….

  • Phased Approach to Zero Trust Architecture

    The traditional model of network-perimeter centered security is outdated and can leave your organization open to potential attackers. Picture today’s workforce where employees are on the go using multiple devices from various locations, all while needing instant access to the cloud. The modern working environment has created a new perimeter based on people, and….