The complexity of IAM can impact your organization’s security posture

Identity & Access Management (IAM) impacts every entity across your organization. This may include employees, contractors, consultants, customers, consumers, temporary workers, students, healthcare practitioners, faculty, and many other identity types. Additionally, entities such as system accounts, service accounts, application accounts, bots, and other non-human identities must be understood and accounted for.

Further complicating this is the hurdles an organization must jump over when implementing IAM solutions across multi-tenant cloud environments, utilizing Bring Your Own “X” (such as Device, Identity, or Authentication), across dispersed geographical workforces that may be remote or in satellite locations, or, within a complex legal or regulatory framework.

With a breadth of experience spanning several hundred implementations and hundreds of IAM experts, CyberSolve can assure your organization success and increase your security posture in:

Our Services

Identity Management

Managing the long and winding road of Identities. 

We will ensure your organization establishes a process to be certain the appropriate entity has the correct access needed, only at the required times for application, system, and network access. This means validated identity tied to proper authentication and a least privilege authorization model all of which must be traceable via audit and compliance reporting.

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Access Management

Not an entry level position... but an entry level mission.

Comprised of authentication and authorization, we implement the core controls needed are to allow only the right entity “through the door” but that said entity only has ability to do specific functions within the system, application or network. The key to ensuring your organization’s security being the prevention of unauthorized access and inappropriate authorization.

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IAM Vendor Solutions

We'll help you avoid buying 4 different tools that only handles 60% of your needs.

CyberSolve believes in being vendor agnostic, promoting the best of breed technologies. We invest in training our teams to maintain the highest levels of certification for deployment and support of leading technology stacks. This enables us to recommend and implement the right vendor products for your requirements from the start.

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Cloud IAM & IDaaS

SaaS, PaaS, my IaaS? We can help.

CyberSolve provides integration services around Cloud IAM and Identity Management as a Service (IDaaS) in order to allow for auto-provisioning, single sign-on (SSO), password management, and access certification services for your organization’s on-premises or cloud hosted systems, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, as well as to cloud-based platforms, infrastructure, applications, and services.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Protecting the keys to the kingdom.

For CyberSolve, Privileged identity and access management isn’t just about privileged identities, though being able to positively identify powerful entities and lock-down and manage their passwords is a key part of the equation. Privileged identity and access management platforms must also control, monitor, and audit privileged entities, ensuring they can access only explicitly authorized resources.

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Zero Trust Security

Never Trust, Always Verify.

We utilize zero trust principles to plan and execute your enterprise infrastructure with no implicit trust granted to assets or accounts based solely on physical or network location or based on asset ownership. Authentication and authorization (both subject and device) are then performed before a session to any resource that is established in order to guarantee you "Never Trust, Always Verify".

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Workforce IAM Assessment

We want to do your homework for you.

Let CyberSolve's skilled advisory services provide an IAM Actionable Advisory Assessment (AAA) to determine what COULD you do vs. what SHOULD you do. We document what is working and not working and build you a future state reference architecture and a roadmap to get your organization there. But that's not all. We build all subsequent deliverables (WBS, Budget, Resource Reqs, etc.) to make the roadmap actionable, operationalizing the results.

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CIAM Assessment

Solid security doesn't have to drag down your customer's experience.

Customer IAM (CIAM), also known as Consumer IAM, poses a very different set of challenges than Workforce IAM with higher regulatory standards pertaining to customer data and consent (such as CCPA and GDPR). A CyberSolve CIAM Actionable Advisory Assessment delivers quick-win roadmaps, built upon solid architecture, to provide your organization with both a secure CIAM and a seamless customer experience.

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Authentication & Authorization

It is not just Who You Are that matters. It is What You Are that matters too.

We implement capabilities for your organization to properly authenticate entities and grant them only the needed authorization to access your systems, data, and applications. Proper Authentication will control the point of access while well-planned Authorization will enforce the rules of what can be done post the granting of access.

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User & Identity Provisioning

Less humans entering data equals less human error.

At the core of Identity Management is identity administration and entity provisioning (human and non-human). Identity And Access Solutions can provide an identity administration and entity provisioning model to allow for the automation of entity management and access to systems within any organization tied to thorough audit and compliance reporting.

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Identity Federation

Building circles of trust since the early 2000s.

Identity And Access Solutions can implement federated identity management providing single sign-on to applications across multiple organizations, linking an entity's identity across multiple, disparate systems. The goal is to allow your trusted partners, customers, workers, and others to quickly move between networks, systems, and applications while maintaining high levels of security.

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Role Lifecycle Management

Roles? Where we are going we don't need Roles. Well, OK, maybe we do.

Identity And Access Solutions implements role management solutions to address governance and compliance requirements for user access to applications and data. The roles support compliance by aligning access privileges to job functions within your organization, providing business context to lower-level entitlements/permissions, which can then be reviewed by the proper staff.

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Access Controls

Managing the long and winding road of Identities.

We will ensure your organization establishes a process to be certain the appropriate entity has the correct access needed, only at the required times for application, system, and network access. This means validated identity tied to proper authentication and a least privilege authorization model all of which must be traceable via audit and compliance reporting.

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Attestation & Certification

Just don't do it using spreadsheets.

Identity And Access Solutions can develop a logical access certification model for your organization where managers and designated approvers review who has access to what in order to confirm that each user and role has access only to the resources necessary to perform their job function. In doing so, your organization can prevent users from accumulating unnecessary privileges and decrease their risk profile.

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API Security

Because APIs need love too (and security... well, really just security).

Organizations are dealing with the challenges of adequate controls and threat protection for onboarding new SaaS applications constantly. Identity And Access Solutions recommends and implements authorization-based API security spanning applications, owners, services, and micro-services within multi-tenant cloud environments so that policies apply everywhere, at all times, for all audiences.

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Identity Data Store & Virtual Directory

It's 10PM, do you know where your identities are?

Identity And Access Solutions implements and secures directories and databases for storing and making identity info available. Whether it is a virtual directory model comprised of multiple views or individual authoritative stores and/or systems of record, we will discover, define, and secure the records that comprise your identity data.

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Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

IGA, leading by example.

Identity And Access Solutions can define and implement an IAM governance model that provides visibility into an organization’s entities and their access rights. This includes developing a governance committee, comprised of business and technical resources, to oversee the identity and access management processes, including the creation and maintenance of IAM standards, policies, execution, and management.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Because let's face it. Passwords suck.

Identity And Access Solutions can reduce the risk of account takeovers and provide additional security for entities and their accounts through the implementation of solutions that combine something you know (e.g. password/personal identification number), something you have (e.g., cryptographic identification device, token); and/or something you are (e.g., biometric).

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

There can be only one... account for you to use to access all of your resources.

Identity And Access Solutions can plan and deploy a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution that creates a single account with a multi-factor authentication model to grant an individual access to multiple applications within your organization while preserving the highest security. Post-authentication we will ensure that the proper authorization is in place in order to make sure the user only has access to the functions they require, at the right time, for the right reasons.

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Identity Intelligence & Analytics (IIA)

Using intelligent monitoring and analytics to predict and avoid threats is sweeter than 3.14159265359...

We implement solutions for your organization to gather, report, and manage critical identity and access information regarding who is accessing what, why, and how. Then we integrate intelligent monitoring and analytics to resolve immediate threats and improve provisioning and governance by applying predictive analytics to the identity and access data in the organization.

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Audit & Compliance

Ever play the game Clue? "It was Col. Mustard, with the Candlestick, in the Library".

Audit & Compliance is a major part of a comprehensive IAM implementation strategy we practice. We ensure transparency across your organization while supporting regulatory requirements such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and PCI Compliance. We implement IAM frameworks with centralized audit and compliance capabilities to significantly lower cost, complexity, and time, allowing your organization to win the game!

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Data Access Governance (DAG)

Forget the Data Zero, get with the Data Hero.

Identity And Access Solutions implements DAG for organizations to deliver visibility and remediation into data that is without ownership on your network. Orphaned, non-owned, and unmanaged data produces extreme risk by allowing unsecured information on file-shares, SharePoint servers, cloud drives, document management applications, and databases to be available for the taking.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Do you feel there are few four letter words worse than BYOD? We can help with that.

Identity And Access Solutions implements solutions to secure your corporate data and applications accessible by company-owned or individually owned mobile devices (BYOD). We do this through mobile device management, mobile application management, and access control models that lock down access through containerization, roles, attribute values, and policies.

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Operational Support Services

You have implemented the solution, now how do you feed and care for it?

Identity And Access Solutions understands it is very difficult for organizations to hire, train, maintain, and keep IAM staff. For that reason we offer affordable, certified support staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that you don't have to worry about what happens after we have finished the implementation. We manage IAM operations so that your team can deal with more important things.

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