Identity Governance

Fast track Packaged IGA with IIQ, IDN
Risk & Compliance Controls Setup
Role Based Access Model
Risk Scoring of Access
Access Certification Campaigns
Audit Defence

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Identity Administration

Auth Source Consolidation
JML Automation
Rapid App Onboarding
Manual provisioning Automation
Deprovisioning Automation
IGA Integration with PAM and SSO

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Privileged Access Management

Automation Discovery and Design
MFA and Password-less Authentication
Rapid PAM Deployment
Vaulting and Check-in Check-out
App to App ID Management
Key and Secrets Management
Rapid System Onboarding
Certification of Privileged Access

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Workforce Access Control

Rapid SSO and MFA
Password less Authentication
Standard based App Integration
Custom App Integration with SSO
Zero Trust Design and Pilots

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Consumer IAM

CIAM Strategy and Framework
Large scale directory design
B2B and B2C Federation
Consent based progressive profiling design
Social login integration

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