Reducing the Risk of a Cloud Infrastructure Breach: Part 1

This Growing Risk to your Cloud Infrastructure Security

Data breaches have continued to rise, year over year. This includes organizations’ cloud infrastructures, as they are being hit at a very high rate. Sophos has reported that 70% of organizations hosting data in the cloud have experienced a security breach.

With malicious hackers reaching more and more information through the cloud, it is time to beef up your security, and CyberSolve is here to assist you in that process. If you have any questions about cloud infrastructure cybersecurity scanning or want to schedule a call to discuss a Cybersecurity or Identity & Access Management (IAM) requirement, feel to contact us through our website

Cloud Infrastructure Security Tool Spotlight: ScoutSuite

The CyberSolve Cybersecurity Services practice is continually leveraging new risk identification tools and processes that help us keep a close eye on our clients on-prem and cloud environment security. We are always evaluating new and innovative tools that can assist in our mission of securing our clients from cyber threats. ScoutSuite is the latest cloud security assessment tool from NCC Group that provides an in depth look into your cloud infrastructure security.

Scout suite is a small part of overall data gathering security processes using data compiled with several other tools and industry leading processes. Engineers then leverage the data including ScoutSuite’s cloud scan data to generate a comprehensive security finding report and remediation plan.

ScoutSuite provides your team with valuable information such as: cloud vulnerabilities, security groups, misconfigurations, and overprivileged accounts. It also adds the option of continual 24×7 scanning to identify risks in real time. With this you can scan the big three cloud infrastructures (AWS, Azure and/or GCP). This can assist your organization by utilizing the information to create an in-depth findings report and create a remediation plan to mitigate risk in the environment.

Vulnerability scanning on ScoutSuite is one of its most impressive features, which has the ability to detect even the smallest instance misconfiguration (which our CyberSolve team would be happy to give you a step-by-step guide on how to remediate). This allows companies to quickly identify and address potential security issues before a malicious user can act on them. Scans such as these can save companies from information leaks or loss of service and provide ease of mind in knowing that your cloud information is safe.

ScoutSuite allows for persistent monitoring using “NCC Scout” to provide vulnerability scanning features, offers 24/7 cloud environment monitoring and detects changes as they happen.

If you want to learn more about our Cyber Security and Cloud IAM solutions to help you mitigate risk, see our Cybersecurity Services and Cloud IAM pages.

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